Career Readiness

Career Exploration provides job and career readiness, job training and skill development. Counselors help guide participants into possible career paths based on their interests. Youth are assessed using strength-finders and are provided potential career paths accordingly. Interview preparation resumes, cover letters and professionalism are also some of the workshops offered.

“Thank you for taking me as an intern and helping me grow professionally and as an individual”


–Lisa N.

“I have learned when to speak up and when to bite my tongue. I was able to utilize my operation skills and communicate better during this program. I now feel prepared to lead or co-lead a group in my future jobs. I hope to stay involved in GDS while I am still in school. Thank you for opening up so many doors for me and allowing me to network”

-Kylie V.

“Thanks to you, I feel very Prepared for my career plan”

-Adrianny M.

Growth and Development Services Inc. 

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